5 Ways To Grow Your Business With The Order Form

5 Ways To Grow Your Business With The Order Form

by Nick Coats | CEO & Co-Founder Sawtooth Media Group

Hands down, one of the easiest ways to grow your business is with the order form. We have seen over and over again how a few adjustments on this little piece of real estate can really grow a business. 

This page is so powerful because it is the last place a customer has to object to doing business with you. There are certain emotions the buyer feels when they get to the order form that you need to overcome when they are on that page to result in a purchase. 

The way that you overcome those emotions is by adding elements to the page that overcome those objections and result in the person becoming a customer. You can anticipate these by adding the following elements to your order form. 

1. Testimonials 

The number one element to add to your order form to help overcome objections is testimonials. Testimonials are powerful in that they make the potential buyer feel all warm and fuzzy that what they are looking at, other people have been there before them, done the same thing, and had a positive experience. So, testimonials are the number one element to add to your order form to help improve conversion rates and average order value. 

2. Urgency 

The second element to add to an order form is urgency. The page needs to show why the viewer should buy now and not just wait and come back and shop later, which we all know that once they leave, they’re never coming back. 

So let’s make them buy now by giving them a compelling reason to do so. This can be done by highlighting bonuses, for example, or with a timer showing the offer, discount, or bonuses expire if the buyer doesn’t take action now. There are several extra things that you can add that create urgency or a reason to buy now, which can dramatically improve the conversion rate. 

3. Badges

The next thing that you want to add to the order form, number three, is badges. So what are badges?

Order form badges are trust seals, things like a secure information seal such as 100% secure information badges. Or a badge could even be something as ridiculous as Norton Antivirus badges, which yes, those make your product convert better even though they have nothing to do with it whatsoever. Badges add another layer of trust that help your customer feel that warm fuzzy feeling that their information will be secure and that what they are buying is legitimate. 

4. Product Images

The number four element to add to your order form is product images. This one seems simple, but we need to remind them why the hell there they were there to begin with, and what are they about to buy. On the page, as they are about to make a payment, we want to recap the order with beautiful product imagery and remind them how awesome what they are about to buy is. This is just another one of those elements to help overcome any emotional objects the buyer might be feeling that could cause them to hesitate on the purchase. Keep the excitement on the purchase going!

So product images are super important to help grow your business with the order form. 

5. Money-Back Guarantee 

And the fifth element, and it’s very important, is a money-back guarantee. This may be the reason that they’re going to actually buy now because you’re making them feel comfortable that if it goes all wrong, they’re going to actually get their money back. They feel safe and they feel warm and fuzzy that the money-back guarantee is there to protect them. So we want to make that a beautiful badge too. And we want to very explicitly tell them exactly what your policy is about getting their money back and that it’s super simple, such as, just call this number.

Bonus: Customer Service Phone Number

This leads to the bonus item, which is your customer service phone number. With a customer service phone number, people know then that you’re a real company that they can call and actually get the money-back guarantee that you’re promising them. 

Summary on How to Grow Your Business With The Order Form 

So those are the five items you can update to grow your business with the order form. First, the testimonials show other people have made this purchase and had a great experience. Second, add urgency to encourage the viewer to make the purchase right now. Third, have badges to provide a sense of security and legitimacy to your order form along with the fourth element of product images to remind the buyer how great what they are about to buy is. The fifth element is a money-back guarantee, an extremely important one that is further improved by a customer service phone number. Try these elements on your order form and see how your stats improve!

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  1. Order form is huge, if your prospects got here they are 100% interested in your offer, now you just need to remove the purchasing friction to make that sale!

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