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You Don’t Need To Fire Your Agency YET! Give Us A Chance To PROVE To You We Can Do It Better...


Please Note: You Must be Doing At Least $300 a day in advertising on META to qualify for this offer.

(Yes, I am doing at least $300 a day in advertising spend on META) 

How it works:

Our simple 7 steps to success:


You book a discovery with us and we go over your business needs together


If it seems like a good potential fit for BOTH of us, we agree to do a full audit of your marketing from ads to emails. This includes an in-depth growth plan for Meta Ads, Google Ads, Customer Journey, and Email (this is yours to keep whether we decide to work together or not )


We schedule a follow up call to deliver your audit and growth plan and we walk you through exactly what we would do to scale your brand in the next 30 days


You decide to move forward with the free trial (most people give their existing agency their 30 days notice at this time)


We begin to execute as outlined in our audit and growth plan


We have weekly calls as well as daily communication in slack to ensure we are 100% aligned at all times. Communication is CRITICAL


In the final and 4th week of our free trial we meet to discuss moving forward into a paid engagement. If you love what we've done for you and you see a long term growth partner in us, you decide to enter into a paid engagement with us at 5k/mos or 10% of ad spend whichever is greater.

Please Note:

your decision to move forward into a paid engagement with us Is 100% in your control at all times.

That said the trial is also designed to determine if you are going to be a great partner for us. We only want to work with clients long term where both of us are excited about our future together.

This offer is intentionally designed for us to take all of the risk and for us to make that decision in just 30 days.

**No gimmicks, no tricks, no pushy sales tactics, just AI data driven results

Our Clients Will Repeatedly Tell You We Are #1 In Communication, Dedication, And Profitability

**No gimmicks, no tricks, no pushy sales tactics, just AI data driven results


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