A: We’ve combined an unique direct response approach to marketing with proprietary software’s that make us able to turn your eComm store into an automated sales machine. 

A: Generally speaking no. There are some cases where clients have set up their Pixels wrong, or have a problematic tech stack, and we need to first fix those problems in order to start working properly in your account, in those cases a performance dip can happen.

A: Depends on the type of service you get, and the depth of service you want. In some cases we only do creatives for the clients, in some cases we only do Facebook Media Buying and in some cases clients trust us with the full spectrum of their marketing. If you would like to get a custom quotes click here to book a call with our Sawtooths team.

A: We help eComm stores that are currently buying paid media and with overall revenue between 100k – 400 k annually, turn their advertising more consistent and profitable so they can scale to 1M+ in 1 year.

A: Usually 2 weeks or less, but depends on how long the client takes to send us all the assets we need to start working and scaling their store.

A: Depending on the service we have a 90-day minimum for some of our services because it that’s usually the time it takes to test new strategies and feed our software’s with the necessary data to understand what works or doesn’t work for your business. But again it depends on specific conditions of your business and the type of service you want, so if you want to know the specifics of our services just click here and book a call with our team.

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