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Case Studies

We hate when people overpromise and under deliver....see the results for yourself

Brie Sodano

0 %
Coversion rate increase from a 3% CTR before SMG

BELDT labs

$ 0
Avrage order value increase from a net AOV of $68.80 before SMG

Naomi Whittel

$ 0 k
Ad spend increase from a $50k yearly ad spend before SMG


0 M
In 2021 while working with SMG, AgelessLX got $2.3M in sales

Dr. Jockers

0 %
Increase in CR compared to their original sales page

Astro Flav

X 0
After one year working together, we X 5.5 Astroflav montlhy sales


" I wanted to work with Nick Coats for over a year, before I got the chance to. Finally, I got my chance. During that engagement, he helped me build and develop my highest converting sales funnel to date! And all I can say is this - all of my future projects will include Nick Coats. "
- Naomi Whittel
" After iOS 4 we are living in a different world"
- Multiple clients
"Other agencies I've worked with treat you like "just another client", while sawtooth truly gives you the impression you have a marketing team dedicated to the success of your business.I was so impressed by them when I first started that I quickly brought another project over to them as well and would recommend anyone else do the same.”
- Steve Shideler
"The enviroment of working with Sawtooth has been so positive for us"
- Elliott Connie
"The Sawtooth Productions team have been top notch since day 1! Everything I've seen thus far has been outstanding! Everything is hands off and the team is quick to get things done. Highly recommend working with them."
- David Schloss
"If you value results, Sawtooth is your way to go."
- Volmer Ellemand
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